Agraj Seva Kendra
Agraj Seva Kendra

Indian Diaspora in New Jersey

History Project: 2011-2012


Indian Diaspora in New Jersey: Our history project on 'Indian Diaspora in New Jersey' was started in July 2011. The project focused on  the contributions of Indian Americans to various aspects of life in New Jersey. The project culminated on a lecture by Dr. Shanti Tangri, Professor Emeritus of Rutgers University at the East Brunswick Public Library on May 3, 2012.Ms.Karen T Parry, Manager, Information Services Department, East Brunswick Public Library researched various records and supplied information and data on the subject.


Following the lecture, awards honoring  the achievements of Notable Indian Americans in New Jersey , whose work, efforts or influence positively impacted the community or some aspect of American society were presented. The recipients are:

Rohit Baxi

Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula

Dr. Yogesh Jaluria

Dr.Saurabh Jha

Dr. Dipan Ray


Becoming American: 2012-2013


Our history project 'Becoming American' showcases the achievements of notable Indian Americans of New Jersey in various fields.

 Promoting an appreciation of these contributions will help bring about a much greater acceptance of the Indian population into the larger community. This, in turn, will encourage the Indian culture to integrate into the concept of 'Becoming American.'

 Raising an awareness of the contributions of the Indian community will help the non-Indian community accept and appreciate the value of Indian immigrants. Fostering the understanding of diverse cultures is a major step in developing an integrated society free from conflict. Education has always been an important element in promoting a more cohesive and tolerant world.

Dr. Nicholas Molnar, History Department, Rutgers University, New Brunswick helped our intern Mr. Sean Ferguson, a student of Vassar College to conduct the research. Mr. Ferguson made a PowerPoint Presentation at the public event held on Sunday, September 22, 2013.


Indian American Shape the Nation: 2013-2014


Our history project 'Indian American Shape the Nation' explored the vibrant heritage, daily experience and diverse political, professional and cultural contributions of Indian immigrants and their descendants in the State of New Jersey. 

It culminated in a public event on Saturday, August 2, 2014.


Indian Diaspora in New Jersey - Women & Gender: 2014-2015


So Ri Kim was recruited under Rutgers University History Department Public History Internship Program as an intern to research on ‘how the women of Indian origin migrated from a sheltered upbringing to the United States, have assimilated themselves into our communities, adapt themselves and excelled in their various fields of expertise.

Nina Malagi, Middlesex County Cultural and Heritage Commission freelance field worker and Youth Group Leader of 4-H Indian Langoor Club helped So Ri Kim in the project. This was culminated in making a presentation at the public event India Republic Day hosted by NBT India day at North Brunswick Township High School in January 2015.

Heritage Day:  will be celebrated at the Churchill Jr. High School, East Brunswick on Sunday, June 7, 2015.Dr. Khyati Joshi, Associate Professor, Fairleigh Dickinson University will deliver the keynote address.