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Agraj Kendra is proud to sponsor Sanskriti School of Dance's venture into taking its unique and  creative production Dhruva(Lion King) to Europe.  Artistic endeavors like Dhruva  spread awareness of Bharathanatyam the ancient Indian classical art form and its versatility in portraying stories of any culture and any age. The Motto of the company is promotion of Bharathanatyam as yet another language and mode of communication. 


Sponsorship & Live Art – We dance well together!

Not only do our sponsorship partners infuse the operations with vital financial support, they create win-win opportunities that enhance visibility for all involved. We love working with our sponsors to connect audiences with their activities and to build bridges that strengthen our community as a whole.


The Agraj Kendra has selected Sanskriti School of dance to receive this year's Sponsorship for best original creative work. The content of the production is so compelling that Agraj Kendra has taken the responsibility to run a fund raising campaign in support  of the company's goal of taking  Dhruva to international audience  starting with Europe in November 2018.


Sanskrti School of dance has been invited by Hiddenidol ( ) to perform on November 25, 2018 at the prestigeous MountBatten Auditorium in Kensington, London UK.  We congratulate Sanskriti School and their dancers on this invitation and will standby them to support this venture and many more to come.


Our fund raising goal for Dhruva Team of 20 members

   Flight Tickets - 12,000 Dollars

   Accommodation - 4000 dollars


Your donations made to Agraj seva Kendra  in support of the artistic cause will go directly to the Sanskriti School of Dance towards their travel, accommodation and incidental expenses during the trip. If you work for an organization that will  match your contributions to non-profits, please avail the opportunity and extend your support to Agraj Seva Kendra and Sanskriti School of Dance.


The mission of Agraj Seva Kendra is to preserve and promote Asian Indian culture and traditions and to promote diversity among individuals. Since the formation in 2006, through education, art and cultural activities, we promote understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and traditions.

We are recipient of Arts Grant from the Middlesex County Office of Culture and Heritage for the past six years consecutively. We also receive history grant and Gateway to Arts (Theatre) Grant from the County.

With grants from the county, matching grants from corporations and generous donations from businesses we conduct various events in the townships of East Brunswick, North Brunswick, Monroe and various other neighboring towns showcasing the talents of youth and developing a sense of volunteerism, community service and leadership. Agraj is a registered Not for Profit organization 501 (c)(3) approved.


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