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Meet The Team

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Pranayaa Jeyaraman

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Pranayaa Jeyaraman, a high school student at Woodbridge Academy Magnet School, serves as the Lead Volunteer and Programs Director for all Agraj events, orchestrated various STEM activities such as the STEM Symposium, DATA NOVA, Engineers Day Hackathons, NJ STEM Pathway-supported events, IDEATHON, STEM Fest 2024, and National Doctors Day events. A recipient of the Presidential Gold Service Award, she is also a ambassador for the OM Foundation, promoting kids' cancer awareness, and a designated Khan Academy SAT tutor for underprivileged high school kids. As a passionate STEM enthusiast, science journalist, and researcher, Pranayaa has earned the National Green Ambassador Scholarship. She is a brand ambassador for Lupine Music Academy and an editor for City Kids World magazine, showcasing her leadership and communication skills. As a music enthusiast, she has won numerous awards in piano and singing as well.

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Dhruv Maini

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Meet Dhruv Maini, a High Schooler at South Brunswick High School in NJ, whose enthusiasm for STEM knows no bounds. This year, Dhruv is excited to be a part of the school's robotics team, delving into the world of technology and innovation with gusto. When he's not immersed in robotics, Dhruv can be found showcasing his swimming prowess as a key member of the school's swim team. With his dedication to the sport and his teammates, Dhruv consistently strives for excellence in the pool. Beyond academics and athletics, Dhruv dedicates his time to volunteering with Agraj Youth, where he aims to ignite a passion for STEM in younger students. With his love for learning, athletic talent, and commitment to service, Dhruv is poised to make a meaningful impact both within his school and community.


Meera Nair

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Meera Nair is a senior at Biotechnology High School, Monmouth County

Vocational School District. She has been an AGRAJ youth wing leader from 2020 onwards and organized and led many STEM activities like STEM month celebrations for 3 consecutive years, hackathorn, Data Science research, DataNova etc. Apart from Science, her passions include music, dance, art and sports. She is a travel soccer player for past 11 years and is a classical dance graduate in Bharathanatyam with10 years of training. She volunteered as the technical coordinator of the Agraj Youth Festival and was instrumental in conducting many art and cultural events like independence day and other community events with Agraj as well as other non profit organizations. Her passion to research and STEM is demonstrated by 9+ programs she was involved during high school like Governor's STEM scholar, BOLD, MIT Lemelson, JohnHopkins GHLC, NJIT HSR, Allies against COVID, DataNova 2023, Girls who code, JSHS, Science Research club, Merck Drug discovery program etc. She is actively involved in her school community and currently serve as the President of her school Arts and Entertainment club, VP of Technology Student Association and an active participant in many other clubs. Her passion for arts led her to create ‘JWALA” a team with similar enthusiasm and choreographed and performed in many events with her group. Meera's community service and efforts to support youth led her to achieve President's Volunteer Service award for 4 consecutive years and Jefferson award in 2023. She got the high achieving STEM student award from the county officials in 2023.Her congressional award application for Gold medal is in process.


Adwaith Hariharan

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Adwaith Hariharan is a high school senior attending Biotechnology High school in Freehold, NJ. He is a passionate STEM enthusiast and advocate, a science journalist and a researcher enthusiast. He is keen on exploring the world of science through the lens of mathematics and social action. He is an avid trekker who loves travel. He is a dedicated volunteer who works with individuals with special needs with a mission is to educate and empower and to bring out the best in them. He is no stranger to hard work and dedication to achieve a goal. As a go-getter, he likes to bring interest, commitment, and energy to everything he does.


Kavya Venkatesan

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Kavya Venkatesan is a 16-year-old high school senior. She has been actively leading the Agraj Youth Wing since 2020. Kavya has spearheaded hackathons, STEM Symposiums, cultural festivals, and "Be the Changemaker" Showcase. She has forged impactful partnerships with government leaders, industry professionals, NJ Businesses, and state's Arts & Culture Board to empower youth with education. For her educational leadership, Kavya has been recognized as a 2-time Jefferson Honoree (bestowed by the NJ Governor's Office). She is also a National Congressional Gold Medalist (US Congress's highest honor for youth). 


Bhavini Pandey 

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Bhavini Pandey is a senior at the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies. She is passionate about STEM fields, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science. Throughout her journey so far in these fields of interest, Bhavini truly enjoys getting to work on complex projects as well as inspiring others in the field. She is a part of many organizations that strive to educate others about STEM fields and increase interest in the STEM fields among the younger generations. Bhavini also especially enjoys working with and creating apps to solve complicated problems. Outside of school, her hobbies include singing, reading, painting, and playing the piano.

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